Alfani ‘Kiran’ Man-Made Sandals for Women

Alfani ‘Kiran’ Man-Made Sandals for Women

This lovely pair of Alfani sandals will complete your look with perfection. The Alfani ‘Kiran’ Man-Made Sandals have sand, quality materials to add some Hollywood glamour to your evening attire. As the name suggests, all Alfani footwear bears the hallmarks of Italian shoe design, which puts a premium on fashion, quality, and comfort.Yet, the Alfani brand is in fact an American creation, part of a comprehensive line of Alfani apparel and accessories that have been created to provide a wonderfully coordinated look to the women who wear the brand. Add a sensational touch to your evening ensemble with the Alfani ‘Kiran’ Man-Made Sandals.

Alfani 'Kiran' Man-Made Sandals for Women

In that regard, Alfani combines the best of Old World inspiration and New World consumer-friendly savvy. Heel height/type: 2.5-inches.

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